What is a Copyright?

What is a copyright?

Creativity can be hard to capture. When you do capture it, you better protect it.

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To be a great artist you have to have a lot of talents. Whether you write a world-renowned book or a chart-topping song, when you pour your soul into your work you want to let people know that it is yours. That you created something beautiful.

A copyright protects your artistic work so that others do not claim it as their own. A copyright is a right granted by the government to let an artist decide who can print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. The owner of the copyright gets to decide who can use their artistic creation and how they get to use it. It gives the creator the right to set their art free or to share it with a select few.

Copyrights take creativity, artistic, inspiration, imagination, and expressions

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