Become a Strategy On Demand Expert

Do you have experience in a specific area that can help new entrepreneurs? If so, we'd love to have you as an expert in our new "Strategy On Demand" offering.

Entrepreneurs will be able to pay you for a half hour of your time, where they will be able to ask you specific questions about what they should do for their business (within your area of expertise).

How Does It Work?

1) We find clients who are new entrepreneurs and are looking for additional mentors & expert advice.

2) We direct them to the Strategy On Demand program, where they can select an expert of their choice and pay for a half hour of their time.

3) Upon payment, they are sent a link to their email address that links to your calendar/appointment scheduler/other, where they can schedule some time to meet with you over a Zoom call (or other video chat platform).

4) You simply show up to the half-hour appointment, answer their questions and give them advice about their specific situation, and earn $50 per appointment!

What Do I Need To Qualify?

1) Enough experience in a particular field that you can pass on advice to entrepreneurs.

2) Some calendar program that would allow clients to schedule time with you (Calendly, HubSpot Meetings, Teams, etc.). NOTICE: The scheduling tool you choose must link up with a calendar of some sort. In order to keep up a good user experience, we don't allow simply emailing back and forth with the client.

3) If you haven't already, record an Expert Advice episode of The Inventive Journey with us (we use these as promotional materials to get people interested in your services).


How Do I Get Started?

If you've already recorded an Expert Advice episode with us, then either reach out to Devin Miller at or use the HubSpot Form below to send him a notification that you are interested.


If you HAVEN'T recorded an Expert Advice episode with us yet, we'd love to have you on the show! Schedule your episode HERE, mention you're interested in Strategy On Demand during your Pre-Interview, and we'll be sure to set you up.


Important Notice

We get that you love to talk about your services, but we and our customers would appreciate it if these meetings weren't a simple sales pitch. You are allowed to talk about your products/services, but please don't center the discussion around it. 

The meeting should be centered around the client, their situation, and your advice to them.

Thank you.

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