Meet Jesse London ~ Associate Miller IP Law

Jesse London, is our top litigator at Miller IP Law!

What does the term litigation mean? Once you hold your patent, trademark, or other form of IP how are you going to enforce it, stop copy cats, or protect yourself in court if someone claims your work infringes on their properties... You talk to a litigator...

Jesse's services are offered on an as need basis, and do not come in flat fee's like many of our other offerings. If you're already working with Miller IP Law you can reach out to the attorney you know work with best to get in contact with Jesse.

However, if you are not or are still deciding if litigation is a service you are interested in, please set up a free strategy session to get the information you need about litigation help with Jesse.

Education & Cornell Law 

Before attending law school, Jesse completed a double major in both Information Decision Systems & French while minoring in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University.  Jesse worked in the legal industry for several years before and during his time attending Cornell Law School. Through his program he specialized in litigation and protection of intellectual property, and additionally international law. 

Through his studies, Jesse participated in two Moot Courts co-circularly, which focused on international law and lead him to compete in Beijing, China

Today, Jesse uses the skills that he learned then to protect businesses and creators most valuable assets in court, intellectual property.

Jesse London 
Litigation attorney at Miller IP Law who both helps watch dog your ideas, and navigate legal action made against you.

About Miller IP Law

Miller IP Law is a law firm that focuses on helping startups and small businesses with patents and trademarks.

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