What is a Trademark?

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What is a trademark?

Should I buy the designer clothes from the boutique store or the no-name clothes from Walmart? What is the difference between the designer clothes and the no-name clothes? It is all about the brand.

In business branding is everything.

People like nice things. They like nice cars, nice clothes, nice smartphones, nice everything. How do you know what is nice and what is junk? You often base your purchase on the band of the product. You buy the Mercedes because it represents a status symbol of money and quality. You buy an iPhone because it represents a high-quality smartphone.

Trademarks are a symbols or word that are a symbol of a product, service, or company. A trademark lets you know who made a product. When you see a trademark like Pepsi or Coke you know you are getting a great soft drink because you know it is a Pepsi or Coke soft drink and not a knockoff. We use trademarks to identify who we are buying something from. 

Trademarks are all about the brands.
Trademarks are words, logos, and designs.

A trademark is a word, logo, or design

Once you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you can continue to use your trademark to brand your product or company as long as you are using the trademark and paying the associated fees.

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