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Trademarks - Miller IP Law
Trademarks - Miller IP Law
Trademarks - Miller IP Law


Trademarks are used to protect your inventions and build valuable assets for your company. Our services include:

- Trademark Analysis: In-depth analysis of free trademark search of similar trademarks

- Trademark Applications: Protect your brand

Office Action: Argue with the trademark office regarding the trademarkability of your trademark

Notice of Allowance: Payment of governmental fees of allowed trademark

What's the difference between Micro, Small, and Large Entities

The difference comes from the size of your company. The requirements for each are:

Micro Entity

  • Not named on more than 4 previously filed applications
  • Gross income on last years tax filing does not exceed $150,162
  •  Under no obligation to assign/grant/convey a license/ownership to another entity that does not meet the income requirements.

Small Entity

  • A nonprofit organization OR less than 500 employees
  • Have not assigned/licensed/conveyed an interest in the invention to a non-small entity

Large Entity

Large entities pay the heights fees at the USPTO. There are no qualification to be a large entity. If you do not qualify as a micro entity or a small entity you are a large entity.