The First Things To Do When Starting A Business - Answers From Real Entrepreneurs

First Things To Do When Starting A Business

Starting a business can take many forms, and not every way is best for every entrepreneur/industry/situation. We've gathered together an ever-growing list of entrepreneurs, and they have agreed to share how they first started their business into what it is today.


Learn On Someone Else's Dime

Alexis Yarrington - Happy Home Dogs

"Learn on someone else's dime. Jumping into a new industry that you know nothing about can be terrifying. And for good reason. You know NOTHING!

"Getting a job somewhere that specializes in what you're looking to do really helps you learn what your future competitors are doing, what results they are having, what you do & don't like about the process, and what customers in your niche are expecting.

"This is a HUGE advantage, and keeps you from selling yourself short."


Make a List of Everyone You Know

Dave Ashworth Quantify Group

"The first things I did when starting my business was make a list of everyone I knew. I needed to get the word out and I felt that people that knew me would help in that journey. I made a list and started reaching out to everyone."


Registered a Copyright

Dave Combs - Combs Music

"One of the first things I did upon recording Rachel's Song was to register the recording with BMI and with the US Copyright Office."


Purchase Domain Name and Secure Social Media

Dave Coke - Rampart Outfitters

"The very first thing that I did was purchase the domain name for my business. The next thing was securing my official accounts on social media, and getting my logo and coloring set up. I wanted the logo to speak for itself and display the true meaning of what a "Rampart" truly is, a defense and barrier. This took some time and a lot of work from my design artist but with open communication we were able to come up with the perfect logo and color scheme to grow the Rampart Outfitters brand. It seemed odd at the time to have all of these accounts and website domains secured before I even had a logo or design finalized, but I knew that for my business to continue to grow become marketable I would need to have all these frame work items in order to maintain legitimacy from the start."


Dug My Well Before I Needed To Drink 

Karley Cunningham - Big Bold Brands

"The first thing I did when I started my business was 'digging my well before I needed to drink from it.' Meaning, I started my business as a side hustle and worked on building my network and enough clients before I fully dove in full time."


I Took A Day To Test Out The Idea 

Andrew Kamphey - Better Sheets

"The first thing I made BetterSheets was 8 videos. I spent the first day making 8 videos, to know if I could make them. I then built the landing page in Carrd and launched on Gumroad. I put it out in the world to see if anyone cared it took 3 days for the sale. (Launched late Friday, first sale Monday)."