The Top Things To Set Your Business Apart From The Competition - Answers From Real Entrepreneurs

First Things To Do When Starting A Business

Starting a business can take many forms, and not every way is best for every entrepreneur/industry/situation. We've gathered together an ever-growing list of entrepreneurs, and they have agreed to share the top things they do to set their business apart from competition.


Learn On Someone Else's Dime

Alexis Yarrington - Happy Home Dogs

"Learn on someone else's dime. Jumping into a new industry that you know nothing about can be terrifying. And for good reason. You know NOTHING!

"Getting a job somewhere that specializes in what you're looking to do really helps you learn what your future competitors are doing, what results they are having, what you do & don't like about the process, and what customers in your niche are expecting.

"This is a HUGE advantage, and keeps you from selling yourself short."