Can I Change My Attorney?

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Can I change My Attorney?

Can I Switch Legal Aid Lawyers In The Middle Of A Case?

It's common for people to feel like they are stuck with their current attorney. Many people with frustrating attorneys ask us questions like "Can I switch lawyers in the middle of a case?" 

This can be very frustrating.

But are you really stuck with your current attorney? 

The answer is NO. 

YOU are in charge. 

Your attorney works for YOU.

You Have The Power To Switch Your Attorney

Your Attorney Works For You

You can leave your current attorney at any time and this is how: 

Simply contact your new attorney and tell them that you would like to have them take over on your case. 

If you'd like to switch to Miller IP Law, we offer free strategy sessions to help you in this process.

In most cases, your new attorney will need to do a conflict check to make sure they can represent you without conflict with another client they represent. 

If the conflict check passes, your new attorney can reach out to your previous attorney to transfer your case over. 

From there, your new attorney may need you to sign a power of attorney giving them authority to act as your legal representative. 

That’s it! 

You don’t need to say another word to your old attorney. 

Get Started On Your Patent or Trademark

Get Started

If you would like to know more about this process, schedule a free strategy session with one of the attorneys at Miller IP Law.  

We focus on quick turnaround, good communication, and accessibility for all.

Get Started with a Free Strategy Session.

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