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If you want to meet with Devin Miller, an expert attorney that specializes in working with small businesses and high-potential startups, use the calendar below to schedule a meeting.

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  • hi Devin how are you doing today my name is Scotty Ray Fritz I know you’ve heard that spray thousands or millions of times did I have an invention that will save the world I don’t know if one invention will save the world but I do have a great awesome invention that will help the world I’m going to be truthful with you I am homeless I’ve been on a spiritual journey for the last year-and-a-half and because I went on the spiritual journey I was given this awesome invention and I was led to you I believe things happen for a reason this invention is a billion dollar industry if you can contact me I would really appreciate it you have a great day Devin I hope to hear from you
    Scotty Ray Fritz on

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